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Fallen Movie Listed Among Next Teen Blockbusters!

Posted by Fallen News Mar 6, 2011 under Movie, Lauren Kate, Fallen, Disney. 1051 comments.

According to The Independent (02/08/11):

‘Fallen’ the movie is expected out sometime next year. The screenplay is currently being written. ‘Fallen’ is listed as a top contender for the next box office hit!

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Lucy Hale as Luce in ‘Fallen’ the Movie?

Posted by Fallen News Feb 21, 2011 under Movie, Lauren Kate, Interview, Fallen, Casting. 6287 comments.

GMA News Reports (12/07/10):

Lauren Kate goes into detail, naming those she’d like to see cast in Fallen’s upcoming movie, announcing Lucy Hale as her top pick for Luce!

Lucy Hale (Image Credited to Bauer Griffin)

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2012 ‘Fallen’ Movie Casting Rumors

Posted by Fallen News Nov 7, 2010 under Movie, Fallen Angels, Fallen, Casting, Disney. 8174 comments.

Reported by Disney Dreaming, a Disney Fan Site (09/23/10)

Rumor has it that Liam Hemsworth may star in the 2012 “Fallen” movie.

Liam Hemsworth

Who would you cast in the “Fallen” movies? How do you feel about there being movies on the book series?

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Happy Halloween Fallen Fanatics!

Posted by Fallen News Nov 3, 2010 under Fallen, Halloween. 4257 comments.

Halloween Fun 10/31/10

My husband dedicate his Halloween pumpkin to ‘Fallen’ this year. The trick-or-treaters loved it!

Fallen Pumpkin

Lauren Kate’s Book Signing / Q&A Session

Posted by Fallen News Oct 31, 2010 under Lauren Kate, Fallen, Torment, Book Signing. 481 comments.

Lauren Kate’s Book Signing at Borders in Schaumburg, IL (10/14/10)

Lauren spoke briefly about her experience writing ‘Fallen’ and ‘Torment’. Then she did a reading on the scene where Luce sneaks off at Roland’s beach party to spend time with Daniel. After the reading she had a very open and candid Q&A session with the audience. A lot of great questions were asked and some very insightful answers were given.

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